NEC MONEY - Annual General Meeting, 31 August 2019

An annual general meeting of NEC MONEY TRANSFER LIMITED held on 31 August 2019. The honorable Chairman & CEO of NEC MONEY TRANSFER LIMITED “Mr. Ikram Farazy”, Director “Mohammad Jahangir Farazy” & Director “Dr. Anowar Farazy Emon” was present in the meeting. Besides, the honorable General Manager-Admin “Mr. Shamim Ahmed”, General Manager-Operation “Mr. Osman Goni” and Executive officials were also present.

In this meeting, the importance of increasing the benefits of the company’s agents and the customers by providing best services and the customers can send money to their loved ones at the earliest, safely and legally, without being harassed, these topics were discussed. Honorable Chairman & CEO Mr. Ikram Farazy said, “NEC MONEY is not only just mine but also all of our great agents and customers/remitters. With the collective effort and cooperation of all, today we have achieved a prestigious place and reputation worldwide by holding success. Currently, with the online service of NEC MONEY, subscribers/customers receive easy and legally transmitted services from any European country to 90 countries around the world. We are very happy to extend these benefits.”